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The Himalayan Cleanup Reports

These are the reports for The Himalayan Cleanup from 2018, 2019 and 2023

THC 2023 Report.jpg

Specific reports for schools of Sikkim and the clean up in Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary was also prepared which provide insights into these areas. 

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The data collected as part of The HImalayan Cleanup also form part of national and global brand audits, These two reports are the Global Brand Audit report of 2023 and the Indian report for 2022.

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Policy documents and strategies

The team has also worked on strategies on decentralised waste management for Local Bodies and waste managers.  With Integrated Mountain Initiative, a policy brief on plastic waste management was also developed for UNEP's Counter Measures project. 

Handbooks and IEC 

We have also worked on a guide for segregation and zero waste with WWF India. Waste management in the high altitude areas are a big challenge and the guidelines for army and para military camp has been developed with the Forest Department, Govt of Sikkim. The manual for Zero Waste Trekking Trail has also been developed with the Forest Dept under the SECURE Himalaya Project. 

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4. Guidelines for tourists.png

Other reports 

Plastic bag ban report.jpg
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