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2018- 19

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The Himalayan Cleanup (THC) was conceptualised in 2018 to highlight the problem of plastic pollution in the Indian Himalayan Region and to engage people to look at sustainable solutions.

The Himalayan Cleanup takes place from May 26, across the mountain states of India every year. Since 2018, more than 20000 volunteers have participated in THC from across the mountain states to cleanup and audit the waste.

In 2021, THC was observed as home based audit, with participants auditing the waste generated from their homes. Almost 200 household's data was processed from across 11 states. The home audit analysed 7888 pieces.

Participants get their hands dirty and reflect on existing consumption patterns and waste.

Knowing our trash is a great place to begin the journey of zero waste.

Inputs to policy exercises and advocating for extended producer responsibility with companies whose products create maximum waste in the mountains.


Khrolhiweu Tsuhah
President, Chizami Students Union

Chizami Students Union, Nagaland was privileged to be part of THC since 2018 to address the issue of waste particularly single use plastics, and the response has been immense. We must continue to sustain the campaign and make it a larger movement, with concerted effort of the Government, communities and diverse stakeholders at various levels. 

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Rohit Rattan
WWF- India, J &K

We organized THC 2019 in collaboration with the BGSB University Rajouri, J&K. The small plastic sachets of sweets, chewing gum wrappers and plastic lids which were completely buried in ground were very difficult to remove. Overall, the experience was both appalling and eye-opener for us.

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Animesh Gautam
(Student/ Former ZWH Coordinator)

Getting my hands dirty, co-creating brand audit datas, creating visuals about THC and coordinating with passionate individuals across the Himalaya has taught me a lot about patience, love and care necessary to create space for positive transformations. I am grateful to the THC community for including and enriching me in this important journey

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