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Peer Educators Workshop

Peer Educators workshops are conducted with the aim to build a pool of youth who will play a stewardship role in taking the The Himalayan Cleanup at the local level from across the Indian Himalayan Region.


These are intensive residential workshop that take participants through the principles and practises of zero waste, solutions of waste at an individual, community and policy level as well as effective communication processes. 

These workshops have been conducted mainly in the Sikkim - Darjeeling landscape with support of WWF- India and Swachh Bharat Mission. Govt of Sikkim. 


Peer Educators workshops are fundamental in taking the Himalayan Cleanup movement across the Himalaya. The interactive workshops are spread out to deep dive on zero waste using the theme of The Himalayan Cleanup - Reflect Switch Demand. The sessions are designed to build on individual actions that lead to systemic changes and enable greater stewardship and solidarity.  


During the COVID19 pandemic lockdown, online peer educators sessions were built in The Himalayan Cleanup from Home 2021 where the participants undertook a waste and brand audits of their homes. 


The peer educators workshops have been stacked with webinars with wider audiences and titled “The Himalayan Cleanup Conversations”

  • Making the Switch - Journeying towards a zero waste lifestyle 

  • We are what we eat -unpacking food the Zero Waste way.

  • Sustainable Menstrual Health 

  • Lets Compost 

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